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Voice of Customer Surveys

A solution to your market research requirements

We specialize in laboratory and process technologies

  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Product Development
  • User Preferences via Conjoint & MaxDiff modeling
  • Brand Awareness


What We Can Do For You

Let TDA help you design and implement a survey specific to your company and products. Leading companies of our industry trust us because we are dedicated to scientific technologies. And, according to our clients, we are extremely easy to work with.

  • Recruiting for your study. TDA maintains proprietary list of scientific technology users. In addition, we have access to scientific panels and other resources through strategic partnerships.
  • Survey design. Leverage our expertise to get the most out of your efforts. Crafting an effective survey is a nontrivial task. We’ve established best practices tailored to users of scientific technologies to help streamline survey design.
  • Translations. We’ve have partnerships with native speakers that understand our industry.
  • Hosting & programming. TDA utilizes the leading software survey platforms (i.e., Qualtrics, Decipher, Alchemer, Sawtooth) to optimize your study. Each platform offers different tools and reporting capabilities.
  • Data analysis, charting, report generation. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality deliverables in the market, both in terms of content and style, with a senior team providing strategic advice and a creative team ensuring highly visualized reports. And because we are dedicated to scientific products, we can deliver insights and trends that are implicit to the findings.

Common market research studies

Responses (n)

Up to 500


North America, Europe, Asia


Pharma/Bio/CRO, Aca/Gov, Chem/Energy, Food/Bev, Environ.


4 to 8 weeks

Customer Experience (CX)

  • How satisfied are our customers with our products?
  • Will customers recommending us to colleagues?
  • How can we improve our processes?

Opportunity Analysis

  • What are the end-users’ current needs?
  • What are the pain points?

Product Development

  • What features are important?
  • What are the workflow challenges?

Purchase Decision Drivers

  • Conjoint and MaxDiff
  • What is the optimum price and configuration?


  • Is our messaging resonating?